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Gas Station - Car Wash
& Convenience Store Financing

ARCO, Shell, Mobil / Exxon, Chevron, Union 76, Valero

Gas Station Loan
$1,000,000 up to $5,000,000
Nationwide Financing

Brand or Non-Branded
Owner operated
Gas with market
Established business or start ups
Gas station for SBA loans should be in good condition & environmentally to be clean
Loans must be secured by real estate.

Franchised Gas Stations must be listed on the SBA franchise registry

  • Up To 25 Years Amortized
  • No Balloon Payments
  • Low Interest Rates
  • Loan is Assumable
  • Personal Guaranteed
  • For Multiple Purposes
  • Fees Can Be Financed
  • Rate: Prime
  • Rate Plus Margin
  • Phase I , 2 report
  • Appraisal Required


  • Three years tax return on principal owners
  • Personal financial statements
  • Three years business tax returns
  • Business financial statements
  • Evidence of source of down payment
  • Lease Agreement
  • Credit check
  • Loan application
  • Franchise agreement
  • Borrower’s resume
  • Business plan
  • Certified escrow instruction
  • Equipment list - Inventory list
  • History of business

Gas StationGas station loan

Demand for Gasoline Consumer demand has been the driving force behind the steady growth in gasoline consumption throughout the 1990s. Consumer expenditure on gasoline has increased to $126.5 billion from 1996 to 1998

The top five brands of gasoline companies controlled 48,000 gas stations outlets, which represented just 48% of the total. Chevron controlled 35% of California gasoline market in 1998, and the two next largest suppliers controlled another 47%.


Independent station owners must buy gasoline at the best possible price in a local market. United states gasoline stations are among the most productive in the world. Retailers in U.S. typically employ fewer people and sell a greater number of gallons of gasoline compared to retailers in Japan.



Gasoline usage has important environmental implications and thus the sale of gasoline is heavily regulated. In 1988, EPA issued regulations setting minimum standards for new tanks and requiring owners of existing tank to upgrade, replace or close them by December 22, 1998. Meeting the UST deadline is very costly for gasoline stations; at $130,000 to $155,000 per tank for clean up. Where there is ground water contamination, the cost can escalate up to $750,000.



Environmental, health and social costs present the largest portion of the externalized price Americans pay for their gasoline reliance. These expenses total some of one billion dollar every year.




Nearly nine million more vehicles in California by 2020, says Energy Commission.
Sacramento - by the year 2020, California is expected to be home to 45 million people and more than 32 million motor vehicles.


California, who used 14 billion gallons of gasoline a year in 2000, will consume as much as 19.6 billion gallons a year by 2020. Diesel demand will rise from 2.6 billion gallons a year in 2000, to 4.2 billion gallons a year in 2020.


California will continue to be a major market for automobiles. In 2000 alone, Californians purchased 1,130,000 new cars and 970,000 new trucks.


According to the 2000 U.S. census, 138 million registered automobiles drive the roads of America today. Counting buses and large trucks, there are 230 million vehicles in all.


Research shows that 50% of American car owners wash their cars less than once a month and 15% never wash their cars.

Car Wash


According to the 2000 U.S. Census, 138 million registered automobiles drive the roads of America today. Counting buses and large trucks, there are 230 million vehicles in all.


Research shows that 52% of American car’ owners wash their cars less than once a month- 15% never wash their cars.


An estimated 37 million cars even smell because of interior garbage, according to a consumer survey conducted by the ( ICA).


The total vehicle miles traveled increased from 1.525 billion miles in 1981 to 2.500 billion miles in 1998, a 65% increase. To a large extent, this is the result of a sharp increase in the number of vehicles in operation over the past 20 years. The number of registered vehicles increased from 140 million in 1981 to 205 million in 1998, 46% jump.


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